To the next quarter of a century!

Camilla was not an overnight success but rather the product of 25 years of talent and hard work. Her incredible list of achievements to date includes 6 European championships, 2 World Equestrian Games and an Olympic Games debut in 2012 at only just 22 years of age.

The story started a quarter of a century ago in Burtown, Co. Kildare when, at less than a year old, Camilla was already riding around her parents Niall and Bridget’s farm; no doubt a sign of things to come. From that point on she was a force to be reckoned with for both the instructors in the Kildare Pony Club camps she attended from the age of 4 and the friends and competitors she made it her business to beat at every opportunity. The tricks of the trade were learnt out hunting on cold mornings with her mom and dad and competing in Pony Club events and local gymkhanas. The setting was soon transformed into European Junior Championships when Camilla was 16, and she has not looked back since.

Now still based on the farm where she grew up, where incidentally the ‘BT prefix that has become well known in eventing circles originated from, Camilla has a wonderfully thought out structure and set-up. She is extremely talented, hard working and dedicated to succeeding in all of her goals. These include maintaining her position as the most exciting young rider in Ireland and reaching the very top of her sport.

Another element to Camilla’s ethos is a love and interest in sourcing and producing young talented horses. Her Cinderella story with the indomitable Portersize Just a Jiff, or just Jiff to all at home is testament to this. Here the wonderful team Camilla has always had behind her becomes evident and it is well known that her mother, Bridget has a great eye for sourcing young and untested horses. Her current success stories include BT Crewmaster, BT Border Bandit and BT Cloud Nine.

It is sometimes forgotten that Camilla is still only 25 years of age and as she always has, brings flair and fun to everything she does. Through the hard work of the Burtown team she is an already established ruling personality on the International eventing scene whilst simultaneously still remaining the perpetual ‘one to watch’.

Camilla is keen to buy, produce and sell young stock. For more information get in touch, or check out her videos.