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Jiffy in action at Burgham Horse Trials CIC3* where we finished 6th. This spectacular photo featured in the Irish Field last weekend


This weekend we were competing a little closer to home when we ventured down to Lisgarvan Horse Trials in Co. Carlow. It was a fantastic sunny day for it and I had a rather an easy day with only 3 horses to compete. BT Cloudnine would be taking on his first Intermediate so I was excited to see how we were going to get on stepping up a level. BT Bentley and Goldman were competing in the Novice section. Lisgarvan is a wonderful event run by the Corrigan family and they do a really great job producing challenging but fair courses at each level- I was looking forward to seeing what the day was going to bring.

  “You know its going to be an interesting day when you fall off in the Dressage!!!”


I jumped onto my first horse to head down towards our dressage. I hadn’t walked five steps in the dressage warm-up when I found myself catapulted 20 feet in the air. I then landed back on his back to which point he was coming back up for another go and I found myself thrown even higher the next time! I don’t know if it was a complete fluke but I managed to land on my feet somehow- I am putting it down to my weekly Pilates sessions with  Anna Clader with our fabulous Pilates instructor Grace O’ Rourke who focuses solely on riders. I don’t remember practicing that move but something definitely helped!!


We survived the ordeal nonetheless and produced a beautiful dressage test and a fab double clear. Both Novice horses were double clear and finished in 5th and 6th place respectively.


Goldman taking all the glory for a 1st, 5th and 6th


BT Cloudnine WINS the CNC2* on a 24 dressage



It was BT Cloudnine (Mossy) who put in a stellar performance in the CNC2* with a 24 dressage and a double clear to record yet another win. Two runs and two wins for this horse- what a legend! Next stop will be the CIC2* at Ballindenisk International in a couple of weeks. A big thank you goes to one of my star pupils Megan-Telford Kelly (pictured below on Mossy) who cantered him for me during the week alongside Jif and a young horse Timmy. I am forever grateful for all the amazing help I get from keen youngsters who are always on hand to help out and learn. Along with Meg, another great friend, student and helper is Emma Buckley (pictured below left). When not at school, 17 year old Em is here at Burtown with her lovely mare ‘Little Miss B’ for training and lending a hand on the yard also. These girls are a major factor in getting my horses looking and feeling great. It goes without saying that Mum and Diarm were also there to help everything run smoothly and owners of ‘Goldie’, Sally and Brendan Corscadden for having him looking and feeling great. I would also like to welcome Isa who will be staying with us for a few weeks from Sweden.




Megan at the gallops on BT Cloudnine last thursday




The brilliant Emma Buckley on her horse ‘Little Miss B’












This week I am looking forward to another leg of the ‘Stepping Stones league’ where I will be taking BT MacDiamond and L.E.B Jewel who is a new ride for me this year. Owned by Jo Breheny and bred by a friend of mine, the late Laura Breheny, I think she is a really special mare and I am looking forward for our season ahead together. I was delighted with how she performed last week- It was only my second time riding her and I feel we instantly clicked. This weekend I have 5 horses heading down to Millstreet in Co Cork and then next Thursday I am back over to the UK where I am taking BT Border Bandit and Lowhill Village at Lyons for the CIC3* in Belton.



L.E.B Jewel at Stepping stones last Wednesday


Lots going on this week so will have lots to report back to you in my next blog! Thanks for reading.

Speirsy x






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